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Coordinates on my grid

With gemmology and luxury goods as professional background, I thought I knew the reference axes on my grid. Precious stones, jewellery and style. Anything visually striking…

Yet, my life journey keeps on adding coordinates. Travels, photography, art, yoga, seeing through the eyes of my children, running, cooking, studying History of Art… My grid keeps on extending. My grid morphs as I keep linking the dots, tracing parallels, always finding new “ways of seeing” (RIP John Berger).

So I keep my eyes open. I see, or better, I look. I never stop learning while reinventing my everyday life.

May this blog be about never forgetting the gratitude I owe to the people who added coordinates on my grid and the visual feast that life can be.


Crescent Lunge Twist in front of Bruno Romeda’s Quadrato in Vevey, Switzerland.

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