Art on the Second Avenue Subway – Part 1

This week and next, I am playing with Spark Page to share strong visuals I recently experienced on the Second Avenue Subway line in New York City.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures and go visit these striking permanent art installations by renowned artists Jean Shin and Vik Muniz (Part 1, this week) and Chuck Close and Sarah Sze (Part 2, next week).

Please click the link below and enjoy the ride!

© 2017 Ingrid Westlake

All pictures by Ingrid Westlake, unless otherwise stated.


5 thoughts on “Art on the Second Avenue Subway – Part 1

  1. I loved the Spark Page you used for this article! We are all going somewhere and sometimes the road we take does not let us take the time to appreciate what we have. We are like in a subway in the rush of time…I am impressed by the quality and precision of details by those artists; mosaic is tough to do but we can see face expressions on those people. Great article, thank you for sharing.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the Spark presentation, Julie. My friend Lisa B. introduced me to it and I thought it would work well with subway art indeed. These works are incredible up close and wonderful to have for busy commuters in NYC where it can be quite hard to remember to look up 😉 Thank you for reading and appreciating 😘

  2. I had a bit of trouble opening the link !! But hey, I managed to understand the essential !
    What a wonderful discovery, for me, the mosaic is a tedious and so long work! What precision in details, clothes, faces !
    We could really see a picture of a moment !
    In fact, one would think that the mosaic corresponds better to an old time, while not !!
    The artist demonstrates that the mosaic shown in a modern means of locomotion, like the metro, also applies to the characters of today !
    How beautiful ! this walk in the middle of the characters more real than nature!

    1. Sorry about the link, I am not sure why it proved difficult to open 🙂 Technology will get the better part if me!
      Yes, there is a freshness in the use of mosaics here despite Jean Shin’s work referring to quite a few years back. I lived the fact that from one station to the next, the artworks are about looking at and meeting people, encouraging to do the very same with the real people around, usually busy going from one point to their destination. Thank you for watching!

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